Windows 7: Worth The Buy?

Posted on October 29, 2008


Windows 7 has been getting a lot of hype during the past few months. But is it all worth it? With the new version of the Mac OS (Snow Leopard) just around the corner, will the new Windows OS be able to compete?

Here are some of the new features included with Windows 7.

Gadgets- Gadgets are now being integrated into windows explorer and other applications. Right off the bat I think that Microsoft is making a mistake. I already didn’t like gadgets when they were on my desktop behind my windows. But now being integrated into my windows experience? Come on!

Paint and Wordpad: Please don’t do this to me! I mean, why not spend time and space improving compatibility or performance? Why did you have to do this!

Improved Network Connections: Reportedly improved network connection tools are going to be included in Windows 7. Now thats something I like to hear! Windows has, in my opinion, been struggling greatly in network connections management and its finally nice to know that there is going to be change.

New Interface: At a recent demo they showcased Windows 7’s ability of supporting multi-touch interfaces. Windows 7 is also being bundled with a mapping and directions program and a touch sensitive version of Paint.

New API: Includes features to shorten application install times, limit UAC prompts, and improved globalization through the new Extended Linguistic Services API.

Multicore CPU Support: A great step forward by Microsoft. But it might be a bit late to only start this now.

Microsoft is also setting aside an entire team to work on boosting performance in windows.

I will come back with more info once Windows 7 Beta 1 is released in December.

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