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Speed Up Your Old Mac For Free!

July 17, 2010


 Do you have an old iMac G3 or a more recent G4 Mac? Do you actually still use it? Well if you do, you should take some steps to make them a little faster. The process isn’t too painful, depending on what you want to do.               First off, if you’re using it as […]

Building A Computer On A Budget

July 13, 2010


As technology progresses more and more every day, we need our computers to keep up. But buying a computer pre-made from a manufacturer can be expensive, especially if you want it to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Building your own computer is a great way to get a highly customizable machine that […]

How To Remove The Windows Genuine Advantage Popups In Windows XP

June 26, 2010


If you have ever downloaded an invalid or pirated version of Windows XP, you may have encountered the “Windows Genuine Advantage” notifications at some point. These consist of popups, notifications, and permanent desktop spashscreens that try to convince you to buy the full copy of Windows, but most people regard them as simply annoying. But, […]

How To Partition Your Hard Drive In Windows 7

June 9, 2010


Partitioning basically means “splitting” or “grouping” or “separating”. When you partition your hard drive, you are breaking your hard drive into separate, differently sized chunks that the system sees as separate hard drives, even though they aren’t. So, how do you partition you hard drive? Well, if you are running Windows XP or below, you will have […]

Use Facebook As An Image Hosting Service

May 30, 2010


Some forums require you to sign up for a Flickr account so that you can post your pictures to the forum. This is because instead of letting you upload files to the forum itself, they want you to give a link instead. But what if you already have a Facebook account and don`t want to […]

Tip: Clean Out Your Temporary Folder In Windows

March 4, 2010


Running a slow computer? One of the easiest ways that you can speed it up is to clean out your temporary folder. This folder stores all kinds of tidbits that you acquire through normal daily use. Left unchecked, the temp folder can grow massive (I’ve even seen some in the 2GB+ range) and take up precious disk […]

How To Recover A Lost Password On Windows XP

January 25, 2010


Did you recently forget your Windows password? Frustrated because you can’t log on? Some password recovery programs can cost up to $50– and it’s pretty hard to download free tools without a working computer! Well, here’s a free way to reset your Windows password without shelling out money for useless software! The trick is to use […]