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Why Google Search Sucks

July 24, 2010


Let me explain the backstory here. Back in January I published an article on what I thought would be released at Apple’s January event. One of the things that I (accurately) predicted was the iPhone 4, which was released a few months later. The article was pretty quiet (only generating a couple views per day) […]

Live Streaming Tips

June 25, 2010


Many people enjoy live streaming. It’s a great way to get involved with you fanbase and have fun while doing it. I happen to live stream sometimes, usually I have special guests over and other things that I deem “too important for delayed recording”. Do you live stream? Maybe you do, and just need some […]

The Hardest Part Of Blogging

March 20, 2010


If you are a follower of my blog, you might have noticed that in the past few weeks I have not been writing as much to my blog, and I apologize for that. The problem is not that I don’t have any good topics to write about–I have dozens!–but that I just can’t seem to […]

I Have Way Too Much To Do…

April 10, 2009


6 browser tabs and 7 apps open…. ugh I’m all over the place!

iPod Nano 3G Charging Problem

April 1, 2009


Centrino Headphones Test

March 25, 2009


I just got my new centrino headphones today and have been testing them for a few hours now… Really comfortable and great sound quality…. Full review coming sometime next week as I test in different environments. -Chad

What I Hope to Get for My Birthday

March 20, 2009


As you might know, my birthday is coming up in just a little more than a month. A few days ago I decided to come up with a little wish list full of tech things that I would like to review and/or use on an everyday basis. This is what I asked for: The New […]