Why Google Search Sucks

Posted on July 24, 2010


Let me explain the backstory here. Back in January I published an article on what I thought would be released at Apple’s January event. One of the things that I (accurately) predicted was the iPhone 4, which was released a few months later. The article was pretty quiet (only generating a couple views per day) until iPhone 4 launch day– when it got over 5,000 views in one hour. After that, one of the concept images I used to show what I thought the iPhone 4 would look like appeared on the first page of google images if you searched for “iPhone 4”. As a result of this, I got on average about 500 views per day afterwards. On some days, I would even get 1000 or more, and even on bad days I was still getting about double the views that I would normally get.

As a result, my total blog pageviews jumped about 40,000, and my views for the month of June soared to the 25,000 mark. My views for July as of now are still about 14,000.

Things were going good, as the recognition landed more of my posts on front pages, and people who liked the iPhone article branched out to see some of my other posts.

However, yesterday morning I awoke to a rude surprise when I checked my views for the day. I’ll let the graph I saw speak for itself.

Those are my pageviews for the last month. Topping out at around 1,300 near the end of June. But if you look further down the graph you’ll see that it took a turn for the worse yesterday, and got even worse today. Yesterday was the day my post got removed from the top 10 search results on Google. I got 300 views that day. Today is day 2– so far I have 100 views.

Apparently when Google engineers tweak it’s supersecret search algorithm– as the do hundreds of times a year –they can bump a site down on the search results, which could make or break the business of a site. Today, that site happened to be mine.

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