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How To Remove The Windows Genuine Advantage Popups In Windows XP

June 26, 2010


If you have ever downloaded an invalid or pirated version of Windows XP, you may have encountered the “Windows Genuine Advantage” notifications at some point. These consist of popups, notifications, and permanent desktop spashscreens that try to convince you to buy the full copy of Windows, but most people regard them as simply annoying. But, […]

8 Command Prompt Commands You Can’t Live Without

February 7, 2010


Ahhh, the Windows Command Prompt. Chances are that if you’re a serious Windows power user you have used the command prompt at one point or another. Maybe you use it on a daily basis? Either way, here are eight commands that you won’t want to live without if you find yourself using the good ‘ol […]

How To Recover A Lost Password On Windows XP

January 25, 2010


Did you recently forget your Windows password?¬†Frustrated because you can’t log on? Some password recovery programs can cost up to $50– and it’s pretty hard to download free tools without a working computer! Well, here’s a free way to reset your Windows password without shelling out money for useless software! The trick is to use […]

How To Create A Falling Matrix Code Effect in Notepad

June 14, 2009


So, you want to create a falling matrix in notepad to impress your friends, right? Or maybe you want to record it and turn it into a sweet video intro, or a screensaver! The falling matrix code effect in notepad is extremely easy to do, and the resulting show is fantastic! So, here’s how to […]