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Wii Classic Controller Review

June 28, 2010


The Wii Classic controller¬†hearkens¬†back to the old SNES days, hanging out all day and busing your thumbs on Mortal Kombat, or just exploring and shooting space baddies in Super Metroid. The SNES hold a special place in all our hearts, many regard it as being the best Nintendo console of all time, and with good […]

Nintendo 3DS: What’s The Hype About?

June 19, 2010


Nintendo recently left a long-lasting impression on this past week’s E3 conference with it’s stunning new addition to the popular DS lineup: the Nintendo 3DS. You may have heard about this amazing system already, and I don’t blame you. Hype over this console has been spreading like wildfire through the internet, and it’s sparking even […]

New DSi XL Coming 2010!

December 15, 2009


With the DSi just being released this past April, is it really time for an upgrade? According to Nintendo, it is. But is the DSi XL really an upgrade, or just a moneymaking scheme? As you can see in the picture, the DSi XL is a whole lot bigger than the current DS Lite. It […]

Install Mac System 7.5 On Your Windows Machine: Mini vmac

February 17, 2009


Are you one of those nostalgic types that likes using old operating systems? Or if you just happen to want to run old versions of the Mac OS on your computer? Then I have a program that will suit your needs perfectly. Meet Mini vMac; a small app that makes this all possible. This application […]

The Wii Needs More Revolutionary Games

January 6, 2009


Most of you gamers out there own a wii. I own a wii. But recently I have been getting drawn away from my wii and towards other systems simply because the revolutionary games have almost stopped coming to the wii. By revolutionary games I mean games like Metroid prime 3, Super mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers […]

My Thoughts On The DSi

January 6, 2009


Remember that video I made a few months ago on the DSi? Yeah, that one. Well it’s been receiving a lot of comments arguing about whether the DSi will kill the PSP 3000 and vice versa. Up until now I just haven’t wanted to get involved in this argument, thinking that its pointless to argue […]