Natural Headache Remedies

Posted on October 28, 2008


Headaches. They’re a fact of life. Everybody gets them these days for one reason or another. There are migraine headaches, cluster headaches, throbbing headaches, and the list just sorta goes on and on. I have been getting headaches for the past few years (eye strain mostly) and in that time I have found several ways to avoid taking that pill.

1. Take a warm bath. Believe it or not, the heat of a nice bubble bath can eliminate your symptoms to an extent. Especially if followed by a nap or a relaxing activity.

2. Rest. Sleep is your body’s natural way of refreshing itself and is probably one of the best ways top naturally cure headaches (And has been for long before medications were commonplace). Just take naps during the day (if that happens to be the time that you are suffering from the headache) and wake up once every few hours to take a sip of water.

3. Water. Headaches are commonly used to alert your body that something is wrong. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. So, next time you have a headache, just think, “How many glasses of water have I had today?”. The daily recommendation of water is about 4 glasses a day. If dehydration is the cause of your headache, then drinking one or two glasses of water should instantly produce results.

4. Apply pressure. Though not as effective as some other remedies, applying direct heat to the area of pain via wet cloth does help ease the pain somewhat.

5. Drinking unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is supposed to help. However I haven’t tested this method myself.

So, there you go! of course, this wont really help you if you aren’t suffering from a headache right now. So, please bookmark this page so you can come back to it next time you or a friend happens to come down with one!

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