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FaceTime Comes To iPod, iPad

July 15, 2010


Ever since the release of FaceTime for the iPhone 4, users wanted to have more freedom of whom they could communicate with. At first, it was only with other iPhone 4 users, but now that rumors are starting to brew about a camera on the iPod Touch, will FaceTime come to the device as well? […]

iPad vs Laptops: Which Gets More Bang For The Buck?

July 2, 2010


We all know that Apple is trying to dominate the netbook and small notebook market with their new iPad. But is this shiny gadget actually better then a laptop of the same price? Or is it just a gimmick?

Why I Will Be NOT Getting An iPad

February 21, 2010


Apple’s new tablet device (called the iPad) seems to have won many die-hard Apple fanboys over, but what about us skeptical geeks? I–for one–will not be dropping $500 for one when they hit store shelves in March. Main reason: well… give me an reason TO switch in the first place. I already have my 8 […]

Apple iPad Slated For Release In March

January 27, 2010


Over the last few weeks, Apple has got a lot of hype about its new tablet device–called the iPad– which was announced today at Apple’s “Come See Our Latest Creation” event in California. Steve Jobs received a standing ovation when he announced the product and demonstrated it to the crowd, but the question remains: is […]