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Designer Sunglasses vs Cheap Sunglasses

March 27, 2011


It’s common sense when buying things like cars that more expensive = better. But most people tend to overlook this when buying smaller items, such as watches or sunglasses. Especially sunglasses. A common argument for people in favor of buying a cheap $20 pair of sunglasses is “oh they’re just sunglasses.”. People will say that […]

8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use OpenOffice

March 20, 2011


We are living in a special age. An era where more and more people are embracing open source software over commercial closed source software. Only a few years ago, open source was used by few, only the extreme geeks who had the desire to┬ádevelop, collaborate, and tweak their own software. But now, in this new […]

Great Refurbished Tech Products

April 20, 2009


Your friend just got a new iPod. You want a new iPod too. However, your friend happens to know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Steve Jobs, so he got a discount on his iPod. You, however, dont know Steve Jobs and can’t get a […]