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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use OpenOffice

March 20, 2011


We are living in a special age. An era where more and more people are embracing open source software over commercial closed source software. Only a few years ago, open source was used by few, only the extreme geeks who had the desire to┬ádevelop, collaborate, and tweak their own software. But now, in this new […]

AMD 12-Core Opteron Takes Intel By Storm

July 14, 2010


In as not too distant past, dual core was all the rage. It was the main selling point of new computers, and effectively made single-core processors obsolete. Then, after a few years the new quad cores came out and took the computing world by storm. With twice the processing power of dual cores, they retailed […]

Is Cloud Computing A Feasible Option For Businesses?

February 9, 2010


Cloud computing. Chances are that if you’ve browsed the internet lately you have come across this term. But what is cloud computing? Basically, cloud computing is another type of operating system for your computer. The only difference is that instead of the operating system being hosted on a local computer, the operating system and all […]