What Exactly Happened At Apple’s Press Conference

Posted on July 17, 2010


At yesterday’s ‘antennagate’ press conference in Cupertino, Apple made some things very clear to reporters. Here’s a brief summary of what Apple told people yesterday morning:

  • Phones aren’t perfect
  • Yes, the iPhone 4 does experience signal loss when held the wrong way
  • Other phones do this too
  • We will issue free cases of your choice to iPhone 4 users
  • We will refund bumpers previously purchased
  • You can order these free cases on the Apple website
  • Orders stop September 30, 2010
  • We may be revising the phone this fall
  • We have invested over $100 million in antenna research
  • We have logged thousands of man hours doing research in anechoic chambers
  • This is what a $100 million anechoic chamber looks like:

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