Apple Won’t Recall iPhone 4

Posted on July 16, 2010


As Apple plans to hold a press conference today regarding the many issues surrounding the iPhone 4, one thing is clear: Apple won’t be issuing a recall on the device.

According to one of our sources who has direct knowledge of what goes on at Apple HQ, Apple will not be issuing a recall on the iPhone 4 at it’s press conference today. The person, who was not authorized to speak for Apple, wishes to remain anonymous.

The iPhone 4 antenna is located in the steel bar that goes around the outside of the device. Many consumers have been reporting a drastic loss of signal if you grip it the wrong way, particularly in the bottom left-hand side of the device. The iPhone 4 has become infamous in recent weeks, tension escalating when Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the device because of the antenna issue. A Microsoft executive went as far as saying that it was “Apple’s Vista”.

Many have asked for there to be a recall on the device, a move that not only would damage the Cupertino based firm’s reputation but also it’s bank account. It is estimated that a recall would cost $1.5 billion, which is roughly 3.5% of Apple’s total cash on hand.

In a recent announcement, Apple stated that the issue was just a software problem, not a hardware issue. However, when they released iOS 4.1, which was designed to fix the problem, reports stated that the issue was still there. 

The most obvious solution would be to provide a free bumper case to all existing iPhone users, which would only cost about $2 to 3 million. Another fix would be to provide a free service at any Apple store where the iPhone would be fitted with a non-conductive material around the antenna.

Hopefully, Apple will rethink the design of the phone in later iterations, and take steps towards fixing the problem.

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