FaceTime Comes To iPod, iPad

Posted on July 15, 2010


Ever since the release of FaceTime for the iPhone 4, users wanted to have more freedom of whom they could communicate with. At first, it was only with other iPhone 4 users, but now that rumors are starting to brew about a camera on the iPod Touch, will FaceTime come to the device as well?

It’s been widely assumed that Apple will one day roll out their FaceTime service to iPods, iPads, and computers. But until now we’ve been in the dark when it comes to details. Since the iPod touch doesn’t have an actual phone number that you can call for FaceTime, how does it work?

According to our sources in Cupertino, it’s actually really simple. Your Apple ID is registered with your device (or devices), which will allow other Facetime users to initiate a call to your device just using your email address. Apple will also take full advantage of push notifications to deliver these FaceTime requests to your device. We have been told that there is a push notification indicator built into the FaceTime framework in iOS 4.1. We’re still not sure how an iPod touch will be able to call an iPhone through this system, but we’re sure that Apple will look at every angle and deliver a simple, streamlined, unified solution to the problem. Hopefully we will eventually progress to being able to call a computer from an iPhone, or an iPhone from a computer.

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