iOS 4.1 Released With New Signal Strength Formula

Posted on July 14, 2010


The update to the still new iOS4, dubbed iOS 4.0.1, has been oficially released to developers today. The new update includes the signal bar fix that Apple previously described in it’s letter to customers last month.

“To address the issue, Apple will be issuing a software update “within a few weeks” that will adjust how signal strength bars are calculated and displayed. The change will adopt a recently recommended formula from AT&T that will more accurately display actual signal strength at any given time. The update will also increase the size of the smaller bars (1, 2, and 3) to make them easier to see.”

The new signal strength bars do appear larger, and presumably the formula has been revised. Additionally, the modem firmware has been updated from 1.59.00 to 2.07.01.

However, users appear to still have the “death grip” issue with their phones–the issue that iOS 4.0.1 was supposed to fix.

In a report by, writer Greg Kumparak notes: “No, no it does not (fix the problem). At least in our testing of iOS 4.1 in its current state (intended primarily for developers to use to ensure their apps don’t break), the phone appears to drop signal just as easily as it did on OS 4.0.”

Note that this is still the developer version of iOS 4.1, so these results are not final. We’ll keep you posted on this problem once the full version is released.

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