$200 Six Core Processor

Posted on July 14, 2010


A few years ago you couldn’t even get a dual core processor for $200. Nowadays, you can get a good quad core processor for $200! But what about six core processors? Most of them go for around $600 to $800, but you can actually pick up a new AMD Phenom II 1055T six core processor for $214! That’s only $15 more than a top of the line AMD quad core chip!

The 1055T boasts a speedy 2.80GHz speed straight from the box, using up only 125 watts while doing so! With a 6MB L3 cache and 2000MHz bus speed, it performs just as well as the $375 black edition six core chip for over $100 less!

If you’re looking at building a speedy PC on a budget, pick up this amazing deal today!