Live Streaming Tips

Posted on June 25, 2010


Many people enjoy live streaming. It’s a great way to get involved with you fanbase and have fun while doing it. I happen to live stream sometimes, usually I have special guests over and other things that I deem “too important for delayed recording”. Do you live stream? Maybe you do, and just need some pointers, or maybe you don’t but want to start someday. Either way, here are some helpful tips to get you started in the right direction.

  • Have good quality audio. There’s nothing worse than watching a live stream without having good audio to accompany it with. Grainy, low-quality audio can make people irritated and more likely to go to another channel, but there’s a simple solution. There are some really good mics out there that aren’t really that expensive. I personally use the $70 Samson C01U Condenser Mic. Which delivers great audio quality for a decent price. Samson also makes many other microphones, and is the leading choice for professional musicians and podcasters, I highly recommend giving them a shot.
  • Good quality video. There’s no point in having studio quality audio if your video is a grainy mess. There are a lot of HD camcorders and flip video cameras out there in the range of $100-$500, and they all will do the job nicely. Even standard definition cameras will work. I use an old Sony DCR-TRV 280 480p camcorder that, even though not HD, still shoots great live video.
  • Have a fanbase. Try starting out on sites like YouTube to gain a fanbase, and then start up a Ustream show after you have gathered enough people that want to watch you. Don’t set your bar for success too high, though. If you want to get 100 viewers on the first day, cances are that you’ll fail, and down goes your self-esteem. Try shooting for 10-15 live viewers on your first live show, eventually the number will start to rise.
  • Quality content. Nobody will watch your show if all you do is sit around and do nothing on your computer all day. Chris Pirillo manages to do it and get hundreds of viewers, but he’s smart. He captivates his audience by letting them interact with each other and himself live. By including polls, chatrooms, and just talking with your audience, you can make a big impact, and keep people entertained. Try to have a general topic, and keep talking about it, if you don’t do anything interesting, then nobody’s going to keep watching, simple as that.
  • Persist! I cannot stress how big of a tip this is! No matter how much criticism you get, or how many views you get (or don’t get), keep on going! As long as you produce good quality content, you will eventually get more viewers, no matter how long it takes. Back when I first started this blog three years ago, I got roughly 30 views per MONTH on average. Now, I get over 2,000 views per day. Do you think that would have happened if I had just stopped? No, THAT’S a real success story right there. All it takes is a bit of patience, and you’re good.
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