Behind The Hype: Xbox 360 Slim

Posted on June 22, 2010


Just at last week’s E3 conference, Microsoft put on quite a show. Along with epic previews of much anticipated titles (like Halo: Reach), they also announced their new iteration of the great Xbox 360. So what’s so great about this new 360?

Well, to start, it’s not a new 360. Well, at least not what you think. It’s basically a redesign of the current 360, but with a few new features. The new console (dubbed “Xbox 360 slim”) still shares the same 3.2 GHz Xenon CPU with the “classic” 360, additionally, there aren’t going to be new games specifically for the Slim model, so it’s still a 360.

The difference is noticeable, however. The new model is significantly smaller than the classic, and has unique styling with a glossy black finish (as opposed to the modest matte finish of the older 360’s). There are more vents, so the system runs cooler and much quieter than before. The massive power brick (literally, the thing was a brick) of the classic 360 has been replaced by a much smaller one. This is due to the new 360 requiring less watts to run.

Hardware wise, the slim model is almost identical to the classic. It still has 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM, and a 500 MHz ATI Xenos graphics chip. However, it now has a new 250 GB hard drive, 5 USB ports, and built-in 2.4 GHz wireless built-in, as well as a built-in adapter for Microsoft’s new Kinect service (classic 360 users need to purchase a separate adapter). The downside of this is that the hard drive is internal, so it’s not really as hot-swappable as the classic 360’s hard drive was. However, gone is the proprietary hard drive format. Meaning that now you can put almost any hard drive into the new model and it will work.

You can get a 250 GB model now for only $300. Additionally, Microsoft is planning on releasing a $200 “arcade” model sometime this autumn. Happy gaming!