SUV Showdown: The Best Family Vehicles

Posted on June 13, 2010


In this report I will be comparing four different SUV’s with each other and ranking them based on thirteen different tests. They will be ranked on eight base requirements, four luxury/entertainment options, and one long-term value test.

8 base requirements:

Price (MSRP)
Fuel economy (MPG)
Fuel capacity (Gallons)
Towing capacity (kg)
Seating Capacity
Passenger volume (Litres)
Cargo volume (Litres)

4 luxury/entertainment options:

Speed sensitive steering
Turn signals in mirror
Air filter
Remote engine starter

The long term value test is a projected price of the vehicle after 10,000 kilometres, 50,000 kilometres, 100,000 kilometres, and 250,000 kilometres. This test is also very closely tied into fuel consumption, because the final price is affected by the estimated number of litres of fuel consumed.

The four vehicles are:
2010 Ford Flex Limited
2010 Ford Edge Limited AWD
2010 Ford Expedition Limited
2010 Chevrolet Traverse 2LT

The eight basic requirements

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