Future Macbooks To Come with Built-In Pico Projectors?

Posted on April 3, 2010


Pico projectors are pretty useful things to have if you are planning on doing a presentation or sharing pictures or videos. These projectors are usually really small, and generally have pretty good quality at a low cost, which is perfect for slideshows on the go. So, you would think that incorporating this kind of device into a laptop or phone would be a great idea, right? Well apparently Apple engineers had pretty much the same idea, if this patent application has any truth to it.

In Fig. 1A (left) you can see that Apple is trying to go for a projector on the side of the system, but in Fig. 1B (right) it shows two squares on the back of the screen itself. I wonder what that could be for?

In Fig. 2 (above) they show a Macbook projecting from the side onto a wall, which indicates that they may be favoring the idea of the projector on the right-hand side of the system, instead of the screen itself.

Now apparently the MacBook will be treating the projector as a second screen, which makes for pretty good ease of use and also opens up a lot of different possibilities. Undoubtedly the integration of a projector into the Macbook will be a welcome feature to any business professional or student, but how will the projector quality be? And also one of the most important questions: how will it affect the battery life and cost of the system?

So stay tuned sometime this year to see new Macbooks with built-in projectors.