Why I Will Be NOT Getting An iPad

Posted on February 21, 2010


Apple’s new tablet device (called the iPad) seems to have won many die-hard Apple fanboys over, but what about us skeptical geeks? I–for one–will not be dropping $500 for one when they hit store shelves in March. Main reason: well… give me an reason TO switch in the first place. I already have my 8 GB iPod Touch, which is definitely the most essential tool for me when I’m traveling. It fits in my pocket and goes wherever I go with ease, and it stores all my Music, Videos, and Pictures–as well as all the fun games that I’ve downloaded from the App Store. It has built-in WiFi, so I can do pretty much anything that I can do at home on a desktop with a web browser. Oh, and it’s jailbroken. So I can run pretty much anything on it.

The iPad does pretty much all of this. Except it’s bigger. Now, some may say that being bigger is a good thing. But those people have obviously never traveled before. How many of you would go out for a walk and tuck a massive 7×9 inch tablet in your pocket to listen to your music. Yeah, notice how none of you said yes to that. That’s what I love about the Touch–I can take virtually everything I need to be productive and then just slip it into my pocket. With the iPad, this doesn’t happen.

Also another burden with the larger form is compatibility issue. Probably all iPod owners out there have a dock for their iPod to play their music and charge their iPod with. But try and put an iPad on there… and you start having serious problems. Then, you need to go out and get a specialized dock for your iPad to do the exact same thing, and then you need to deal with the hassle of having two docks to carry around. Fun, right?

So what new features does the iPad bring to the table?

Well, for starters it doubles as a photo frame.

Apple revolutionizing the market... one photo at a time

But wait… it gets better. Did you know that you can actually CHANGE THE BACKGROUND OF THE HOME SCREEN???? Apple, is there nothing you cannot do!!??!!

I do hope you realized that I was being sarcastic.

So really, there’s nothing new with the iPad. Sure, it may have a slightly better battery life, and it may have a bigger screen. But really it’s just an oversized, expensive iPod touch. And I suggest that if you are looking at getting this, change your mind and save a couple hundred dollars by getting an iPod Touch.

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