How To Set Up Multiple iTunes Libraries

Posted on February 6, 2010


For the most part, we all have only one iTunes library with all our songs, podcasts, and videos stored on it. We can sync it with our mobile devices such as an iPhone or an iPod, even stream our media to another device such as the Apple TV. But what happens if you have multiple people using the same computer, on the same account? For example, my friend and his family all share the same computer, and they all have their separate iPods to sync to that one computer, that one library. The problem is that out of those 500 songs on the main library, my friend only listens to about 200 of them. So how can he get his own separate iTunes library with his own songs to sync with his iPod, without making another account or getting another computer?

Simple! Here’s how:

  • First, you need to hover over iTunes in the Start Menu (or wherever you happen to have iTunes) and then, while holding in the Shift key, open iTunes. Remember to keep holding in the shift key while iTunes opens. Then, instead of getting the normal iTunes box to open, you will be greeted with a little notification asking you if you want to create or load an iTunes library, click “Create”.
  • Once clicking, you will be asked where you want to save the new library. The default location is in your Music folder, with the name iTunes1 (iTunes is the name of the first library). However, you can change the name of the new library to whatever you like. Once done, just click “Save”.
  • There! iTunes library created! Now you will be met with a fresh new iTunes window, with absolutely nothing on it! You can then put your own songs on it and sync it with your iPod without having to worry about interfering with anyone else. But now, how does another person get back on to their library?
  • Just open iTunes while holding “Shift” again, and then this time in the dialog, click the button that lets you load a library. Go to your music folder, and then click on the “iTunes” folder (or whatever you named the other library). Then, there should be one file in there, click that, and your other iTunes library is loaded!
  • Want to delete your other library? Just navigate to wherever you stored it and simply delete the folder!

Still having troubles? Try watching the video on how to do it!

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