Logitech Wireless EX110 Keyboard Review

Posted on January 30, 2010


Being a blogger, having a good, comfortable keyboard is key. If I don’t feel comfortable while writing, then chances are I’m going to get stressed out and not be able to produce quality work. Over the years, I have tried out many different keyboards, most of the time I have gotten by using the default Dell keyboards that came with my computer. But then just recently I was sitting down to write a new article when I realized that maybe the Dell keyboard wasn’t right for me. So, I dug around in my closet and managed to find a 2007 Logitech wireless keyboard. Curious, I plugged it in and gave it a go.

Amazing! As soon as I plugged in the wireless receiver, Windows 7 automatically started installing the drivers for it, and within a few minutes I was up and running. The first thing I noticed about the keyboard was it’s smooth, curved design. It just feels so comfortable to type using it! The other thing that I noticed was its large, raised keys. The Dell keyboard that I was using before has low-profile keys, which I was never really fond of. I like the feel and sound of the classic style keys, and I immediately fell in love with these keys. Because they’re the older style keys, they make quite a bit of sound, so if you are a heavy typer and are working in a quiet environment, then you might want to take that into consideration before buying this keyboard.

Ergonomics aside, let’s talk about the functionality of the keyboard. Although I was never really one for function keys, I can see where Logitech was going with this. If you love functionality in your keyboards, this is right up your alley. First of all, the keyboard has 12 different functions for the function keys; F1 is a “Help” button, presumably for office applications and the such, F2 is a Microsoft Word quick access key, pressing it will launch Microsoft Word (if you have it installed on your computer, that is), the same goes for F3 and F4, except for Excel and Powerpoint, respectively. F5 and F6 are Undo and Redo buttons, and F7 and F8 are Print and Save buttons. F9 thru F12 are marked “A,B,C,D” not sure what their functions are, but they may be programmable buttons.

But these function buttons aren’t the only ones, there’s also grey buttons along the outside of the keyboard as well. On the left-hand side (beside the Tab,Caps,Shift, and Control keys) are two buttons for navigating web pages, one is a “Stop” button, and the other is a Previous Page button. However, a “Next Page” button has been omitted. On the top left we have a set of standard media buttons for controlling video and music playback. Then, on the right, there is a set of volume buttons, as well as an email button, a home page button, and a calculator button.

So, if you are looking for a good ergonomic keyboard with plenty of functionality, then you might want to consider picking up this keyboard as part of the Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 setup for around $30.

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