My Initial Thoughts On Windows 7

Posted on December 22, 2009


I have used many operating systems in my computing days, from Windows 98 to Windows Vista, I’ve seen the rise… and fall of the Windows operating system. Windows took a right turn when it released Windows 2000, a powerful business platform. Then, they made an even better decision when they released Windows XP in 2001. So far, Windows XP is the most successful operating system in the world; netting an incredible 62.2% market share. So, why did Microsoft drop it? Back in 2006, Microsoft released Windows Vista, which has been deemed one of the worst operating systems of all time, right next to Windows ME (ouch!). It’s only real user base seemed to be 6 year old kids that actually appreciated the glittery effects that Microsoft threw in. Vista, to say the least, was horrible. It wasn’t compatible with anything, it ate up memory like some freakish pig, and it was constantly crashing! Among other things. Even with the first service pack, things didn’t get much better. Sure, it got a little bit faster and a little bit more compatible, but even after the second service pack, I still thought it was crap.

However, just a few days ago, my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium arrived in the mail, and I was overjoyed! I had waited over a year for this day to come! I popped the CD into my drive and… wow.

My upgrade could never have been smoother, all I had to do was pop in the upgrade disc, then just sit back and play Xbox for an hour. When I came back, Windows 7 was ready to roll! All my files and settings were transferred perfectly, all my programs worked fine (even iTunes!), and even my original desktop background was still there! I could just open up my browser right there and pick up from what I was doing on Vista!

To me, that’s what the perfect operating system is– I don’t really care about a new UI or new features, It’s whats under the hood that really matters. I want my operating system to be clean, efficient, powerful, and compatible. I want to be able to get right into it and go, no hassles. Windows 7 did that wonderfully, no extra work, nothing. Everything just worked.

I love it.

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