New DSi XL Coming 2010!

Posted on December 15, 2009


With the DSi just being released this past April, is it really time for an upgrade? According to Nintendo, it is. But is the DSi XL really an upgrade, or just a moneymaking scheme?

As you can see in the picture, the DSi XL is a whole lot bigger than the current DS Lite. It boasts a massive 4.2 inch screen, as opposed to the measly 3-inch DS Lite screen. Not to mention the massive size of the DSi XL at 91.4 mm  × 161 mm  × 21.2 mm. It also includes a thicker, pen-like stylus as well as the normal stylus. But… why? The idea is that the DSi XL can also “include” other people in the experience, letting people beside the player see the screen better.

The Nintendo DSi XL features larger screens to improve visibility for other persons viewing it at an angle to let them be more involved. Nintendo stated the unit offers “an improved view angle on the screens” making it the first “portable system that can be enjoyed with people surrounding the gamer.” Iwata argued this introduces a new method of playing portable video games where those “surrounding the game player can also join in one way or the other to the gameplay.” (source)

But although the idea may seem sound on paper, will it work well in real life? It might… if people buy it. You see, with over 10 million people already owning a DSi, how many of them are going to spring for a new $200 system to replace their current one? Nintendo might get more sales if they add some more features to the new DSi to compliment the bigger screens. At least boost the camera resolution or add multi touch capabilities! But alas, it seems that Nintendo isn’t going to hear our cries this time, be prepared to see the DSi XL heading towards North America in the first quarter of 2010.

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