How (And When) To Buy A New Computer

Posted on December 2, 2009


Back in the seventies and eighty’s, computers were only seen in the workplace. Even then, they were scarce. Only big companies with big money could afford to buy and use computers. Of course, that has all changed now– more and more people are buying computers, and it seems like everybody is getting one now! But as we all know, computers don’t last forever. There eventually comes the time when a computer needs to be taken out of action and replaced with a new one. But how do you go about getting a new computer? There are so many different options, prices, and companies to choose from! Where to begin?

Normally, it’s good to upgrade your computer every 4 or 5 years. Now, you can buy more RAM or get a new hard drive to extend the life of your computer for a couple more years (I have some still ticking after 10 years of service) but eventually you will have to get it replaced. Where to start? Well, try checking out some reliable online stores like, or and find some computers there. Personally, I like the Dell site because you can customize your computer to your heart’s (and wallet’s) content– getting all the right options before ordering your computer. HP ( is a great site if you want bang for your buck. You can get great, powerful systems for under $500 there. My only problem is the amount of trial software and other programs that HP puts on there. My dad’s HP computer takes a few minutes to boot up while my Dell one takes about 20 seconds. The funny thing? The Dell has 3 GB of RAM and the HP has 8.

Now that you have your computer picked out, you might want to tweak it a bit to get the right components. I recommend getting 4 or more GB of RAM for your computer if you plan on doing anything serious with it. If it’s just going to be an internet and email machine, 3 GB works fine. The hard drive should be at least 500 GB big. This is good for storing Movies, Pictures, or any other kind of media. If you have a massive collection of media, consider getting a 1TB or larger hard drive.

Now, this is all good for when you are buying your computer but…. when is the right time to buy a computer? Well, I say the best time is right around Christmas. Usually computer companies start having their big holiday sales right around early December– although the prices can start going down by the beginning of November.

So there you have it! Just a few (hopefully helpful) tips to try and guide you towards getting a good deal on a new computer. Good luck!

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