Google Caffeine: Better Than Bing?

Posted on August 12, 2009


 Google has just recently launched the developers preview of the new iteration of the famous Google search engine–dubbed “Google Caffeine”. It promises to improve speed, accuracy, size, and comprehensiveness of Google search. But does it live up to that promise?

In my purely non-scientific tests, I compared the Google Caffiene developer preview ( to the current version of Google ( and also to Microsoft’s Bing search engine ( and I judged them in three different category’s: Speed (how long it takes to come up with results), Relevance (how accurate the engine was in it’s results) and Index Size (how many results there were). So, let’s see the results!


Google caffeine came in first on this test– a quick search of the keywords “ipod touch 1g case” on caffeine took a mere 0.08 seconds, whereas good ‘ol Google took 0.11 seconds. (We were unable to test Bing on this one because time is not displayed in the search results).

Winner: Google Caffeine


Again– Google Caffeine took the cake on this test with a remarkable 100% relevance rating! (10 out of 10 results brought us to an ipod touch 1g case). Bing and regular Google tied for second with 90% relevance.

Winner: Google Caffeine

Index Size

Can you guess what search engine won on this test? ‘Cmon– take your best shot! If you guessed Google Caffeine, then you are absolutely right! Caffeine blew all the other engines out of the water– bringing back a whopping 8,050,000 (8.05 million) results for “ipod touch 1g case”. Google came in second with 612,000 results and Bing came in last with a pathetic 377,000 results.

Winner: Google Caffeine

Case Closed.