The New PSP Go Looks Promising, But Is It Worth It?

Posted on July 24, 2009


At last month’s E3 press conference, Sony announced that it would be updating it’s successful PSP line yet again. This time it will he a more substantial upgrade than the PSP 3000 was. They call it: the PSP Go.


The PSP Go let's you play your favorite PSP games, as well as PS3 games!

The PSP Go let's you play your favorite PSP games, as well as PS3 games!

The PSP Go (PSP-N1000) will feature a cool slider design, much like some new smartphones. Sliding the screen up will reveal all your controls, while sliding it down will allow you to store your PSP easily in your pocket.

The PSP Go is about 30% size of the PSP 3000 and about 15% lighter. The screen is a 3.8 inch LCD as opposed to the PSP 3000’s 4.2 inch display. This will help when you are traveling and want to carry it around with you in your pocket.

The new PSP will feature wifi (as in older PSP models) as well as bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to use all bluetooth Playstation 3 controllers. A great new feature.

The PSP Go gives the classic UMD format the boot in favor of downloading the games directly from the Playstation Store. The PSP will feature 16GB of internal flash storage, which can be upgraded to 32GB with an external memory card. However, it is unclear if existing UMD games can be downloaded to the PSP Go for no extra charge. Some rumors suggest that Sony will supply kiosks that allow UMD owners to exchange their games for free downloads. However, this has not been confirmed.

The PSP Go has a release date of October 1,2009 and a suggested retail price of $355. But will it be worth the extra cash? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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