3 Ways Microsoft Can Make Itself Better

Posted on July 5, 2009


microsoftIIMicrosoft, what used to be a great name in the software business has now become synonymous with a big, green monster. Many people have turned away from Microsoft as a result of some of it’s half-baked products and other things. However, I have compiled a list of 3 things that Microsoft can do to make itself better. Steve Ballmer, you better be reading.

1. Stop with all the product keys! Microsoft really needs to stop having product keys on everything. It is really annoying having to type all that crap in to verify that I am running a “genuine” version of a program. Also, activating my software? Give me a break. MS needs to stop treating it’s customers like criminals before it doesn’t have any left.

2. Go back to the basics. Lately, Microsoft has been trying to make Windows look nice. Although it looks nice, it doesn’t get the job done as well. Microsoft is using precious time developing the UI when it could be working on performance and reliability. Also, things like Vista’s Aero Glass use tons of RAM and CPU power. I think that Microsoft should go back to the basics and make an uglier, yet functional version of Windows. Take Windows 2000 and 98–the UI of those OS’s wasn’t the most appealing, but it got the job done.

3. Stop spreading yourself too thin. Microsoft is splattering itself everywhere by making a whole bunch of different things–from security suites to video game consoles. I think that Microsoft should only worry on 3 key things: Xbox, Windows and Microsoft Office. That way, it can focus all it’s resources on these things and make them better. It’s better to have only a few quality products than tons of half-baked ones.

So, these are a few things that I think Microsoft can work on doing over the next few years. What do you think Microsoft needs to do to make itself better? Just leave your thoughts in the comments section below! It’s free!

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