Centrios Earbuds Sport Great Audio

Posted on April 22, 2009


I’ve been testing the $30.00 Centrios Stereo Noise Canceling Earbuds in the field for about a month now and I am completely amazed at both how well they perform audiowize as well as how comfortably they fit in my ears. But wait, there’s more!

I love listening to my iPod, however, I need to have the perfect earbuds to do so. Because I listen to my iPod while I’m out and about, I need the earbuds to stay in my ears well. Also, I need them to be noise-canceling because I have a sister. Obviously they need to sound great too! Well, the $30.00 Centrios Stereo Noise Canceling Earbuds (Pictured on the right) fit those criteria perfectly! I’ve tested them in almost every possible scenario, and they work great!

Sound great,look great and feel great too!

Sound great,look great and feel great too!

Vocals are crisp, instrumentals sound great and the noise reduction works pretty good. I’m listening to them right now while I’m writing this and I can barely hear my keyboard! (I have a loud keyboard) Now, that’s just the audio part! There’s also the matter of comfort, and for me that’s  really important. Well, these earbuds come with 3 pairs of ear gels, all different sizes so that you can pick one that suits you good. That’s a plus for me. The ear gels  are nice and soft too so that you can wear them for long periods of time.

My final opinion? Well, the Centrios earbuds are no slouch when it comes to great audio, and the noise reduction is average. What I really love these earbuds for is their comfort. I haven’t found better yet. Also, Centrios is a pretty great name in the earbud business and have made tons of different types of earbuds, so you know that you are buying a quality product.


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