Microsoft’s Zune HD to Rival Apple’s iPod Touch?

Posted on April 19, 2009


As more leaked pictures and technical specifications emerge, it seems like the Zune HD is going to be competing neck-in-neck with the iPod Touch in the portable music player race.

Ever since it’s release, the iPod has dominated the portable music player market. With it’s nice design and sleek user interface, everybody wanted one, and even major companies like Microsoft just couldn’t compete with it.

Until now.


Now, I don’t know who these guys hired but whoever it was made it pretty clear the the new Zune HD was going head-to-head with the iPod touch. With it’s massive touchscreen and insane multimedia capabilities, the Zune HD is packed with awesomeness.

The Zune HD hasn’t been confirmed, but tons of photos (Like the one above) and tech specs have been leaked out to the public, and judging by them, this thing is great. It boasts a wonderful OLED multitouch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio (perfect for watching movies) and has a TV out on the side (whether it’s HDMI or not is undetermined, but let’s keep our fingers crossed). Supposedly coming in 16 and 32 GB models, when it comes to multimedia, this thing is no slouch. But wait, the fun is just beginning.

We’ve got wireless syncing and Nvidia’s Tegra chipset under the hood, and that chip allows for great gaming possibilities. Considering it’s made by Microsoft, who also make the Xbox 360, we might be seeing stripped-down versions of 360 games appearing on the Zune HD.

Also, rumors of a web browser on the Zune HD are floating around the net. Let’s hope they include firefox, but there’s a good chance MS will slap on a worthless copy of IE on there.

The Zune HD is speculated to launch this September.