5 Ways To Bring More Viewers To Your Blog

Posted on April 12, 2009


Everybody wants more views on thier blog. Whether it’s about flowers,politics or anything else that you can think of, you want views. Why are views good? Well, you worked hard to make those blog posts, you want them to get read, right? Well then keep reading this article because it will show you 5 ways that you can increase traffic to your site!

1. Publish fresh, rich content on a regular basis.

This is the key to sucess. No matter how hard you try, nobody will read your blog if it sucks. You need to take time in writing it, make sure that there aren’t any spelling and/or grammar mistakes before you publish it. Also, you need to write new posts at least once every two weeks. Sure, people will still read your blog. But you won’t get very many subscribers. Subscribers are the key to getting hits to your site. Think of them as regulars at the local coffee shop. They have your site bookmarked or have subscribed to your RSS feed and they visit often to read your new posts. Now, if you hardly ever update then people will eventually lose interest and stop checking back on your blog, and that’s not good. So, I reccomend posting new content at least once every two weeks (In my case, I try to post once or twice daily).

2. Promote Your Content On Twitter

Let’s face it. Twitter is the supreme commander of social networking. Pretty much everybody is on twitter. From @BarackObama to that homeless guy you saw on the street last night (Okay maybe not him…). To put it in a few words: Mega Advertising Opportunities!!!! with Twitter, you can send your message out to everybody! Now, I don’t mean spamming. I just mean posting a link to your latest article whenever you write it. Like I do. Here’s an example of what I would write: “Acer Aspire One Review – (link goes here)”. I actually get an insane amount of my traffic through twitter posts like that. So you should try it too!

3. Get Noticed By Google

Most blog traffic comes from search results. So, you want to have your blog perfectly optimized for being on the front page of google. First of all, make a catchy title for your blog. When people are searching through google, they are more likely to pick an article that stands out, one that basically says “Click Me! Pleassseeee!”. Also, tag your entries with as many relevant tags as possible. This also helps your blog get noticed by search engines. You can also submit your site to google. This will add it to their database, giving it more of a chance of apperaring in the top 5 search relsult pages. However, submitting your site does not mean instant views.

4. Advertise On Popular Sites

If you are willing to give up a little money to generate more hits, you can always try advertising on popular sites like The New York Times and CNN. This is guaranteed to bring more hits to your site. But the more popular the site, the more that advertising is going to cost you.

5. Use AlphaInventions

AlphaInventions is an awesome site for bringing hits to your blog. Basically, you submit your blog to them and they will show it on thier front page for a few seconds, before being replaced with somebody else’s blog. I have used it and it really works! Also, did I say that it’s free?

So, there you have it. 5 ways to bring hits to your blog. However, no matter what one of these techniques you use, remember, nothing is a substitute for good, quality content. if you have that, people will come.

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