I Will NEVER Use A Mac For My Main Computer

Posted on April 10, 2009


After a lot of thinking and a few headaches I have finally decided that I will never use a mac as my main everyday computer.

Now I know that I have been talking about getting an iMac for a while now and have it replace my regular Dell Dimension 9200c but I realised that it just wouldn’t work. Really, think about it. I have been using Windows for almost my entire computing life (which has also been pretty much my entire life altogether) and have gotten familiar with it’s applications and it’s interface. I just don’t think that I would feel really as productive as I did on the PC while using a mac. There’s also the matter of compatability. Yes, I know that a lot of newer software is compatable with macs but what about my old software like Office? That won’t run on a mac unless I buy a newer version like Mac Word 2001 or 2008. Not happening. What about my other software that dosen’t run on a mac? Huh? $$, that’s what.

There is also the small matter of price. The cheapest mac is the mac mini at just under $1,000 CDN and you wouldn’t want to do any extreme computing on that sucker. If you want to get a powerful mac that’s worth getting and using then you better be prepared to shell out some serious cash (I’m talking minimums of $1500) for an iMac or a Mac Pro.

Now, don’t think that I am a mac hater. I am not a mac hater by any stretch of the imagination, I have used macs before (My first computer was a Macintosh LC II) and I am willing on using them again. I just said that I wont be using macs for my main computer any time soon. However, I am currently saving my money to get a 17 inch Macbook Pro as a secondary travel laptop. Why? Well, I won’t have to use any of my business apps that I use on my main machine so compatability is out of the question. Also that Macbook Pro 17 inch has the best battery life that I have seen in a notebook (8 hours on that baby, tops) and is also one of the most powerful. Yes, I realise it costs a bit more than a PC but I have been looking at business PC’s that have close to the same CPU and graphics and cost about $1000 less but… 4 hour battery? That’s pathetic! That will only last me on a flight from here to Toronto! What if I want to go further? The macbook has me covered.

But anyways, bottom line. You won’t see me with a mac on my desk as my main computer anytime soon, however, expect to see me carrying my MBP around as my secondary computer by 2011.

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