What I Hope to Get for My Birthday

Posted on March 20, 2009


As you might know, my birthday is coming up in just a little more than a month. A few days ago I decided to come up with a little wish list full of tech things that I would like to review and/or use on an everyday basis. This is what I asked for:

  • The New iPod Shuffle 4GB Model (Preferably Black). As soon as this was announced a few days ago I was dying to get my hands on it for a review. I also want it as sort of a backup iPod when my touch dies because of it’s low battery life. This is pretty high up on the priority list because of that.
  • The New iMac 24″. I would love to have a mac for so many reasons. The iMac is perfect for me and it would make a great main machine..
  • Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. For me, keyboards are a main tech item. I have to have a good keyboard that looks good on my desk, fits comfortably for hours of typing, and will stand up to the test of time. The Logitech Illuminated keyboard fits all these category’s perfectly. My 2 year old Dell keyboard is, I will admit, a very good keyboard. But I think that it’s time to put it into retirement.
  • Logitech MX Laser Mouse. My current mouse is a 2001 Dell wired laser mouse and it has served me somewhat well. The scroll wheel constantly slips up and the laser isn’t as precise as it used to be. I also find that the ergonomics could be better. The $100 Logitech MX Mouse solves this. It is perfectly sculpted to fit the hands of pretty much anyone, and the laser stays perfectly tuned 8 years from now, as if it was straight out of the box. Love it.
  • Logitech USB Desktop Microphone. As you might have seen from my videos, I use an old headset mic that’s missing it’s pop filter and with degrading quality. I think it’s time that I get something that has better quality and that I can sit on my desk. The Logitech USB Desktop Microphone seems like the perfect choice for me at a low price of $30.
  • Mario Kart Wii. I am a casua gamer. Usually the only times I play games are when I have my friends/ family over where we play multiplayer games. So I have a lot of those kind of games. I think Mario Kart Wii would be a perfect addition to my collection and also a cool single-player game.
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