What Do YOU Think About Apple’s New Headphones?

Posted on March 19, 2009


Earlier this week, Apple released it’s brand-new iPod Shuffle. With the new slim design, voiceover and integration with playlists, as well as 4gb of disk space, people should be happy…. But wait.

To help contribute to the thin design of the shuffle, Apple moved the controls up to the headphones, which has some uses like not having to dig your iPod out of your backpack whenever you’re running and want to change the track. However, this makes it so that as of now, no third-party developers can make headphones for the shuffle without a special chip required by Apple in it. So all existing headphones with controls on them….nope.

100082_ipodshuffleg3chip1 Anyways, what do you think about this? When do you think that the first batch of Apple-blessed third party headphones will come out for this device? Leave your comments below and make sure to visit our site at http://www.techtalkwithchad.co.nr/

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