Install Mac System 7.5 On Your Windows Machine: Mini vmac

Posted on February 17, 2009


Are you one of those nostalgic types that likes using old operating systems? Or if you just happen to want to run old versions of the Mac OS on your computer? Then I have a program that will suit your needs perfectly.

Meet Mini vMac; a small app that makes this all possible. This application hardly takes up any RAM and lets you run Mac System 7.5.3 in Windows or Mac. This serves no real use except to impress your friends or just give you something to do when you’re bored. But wait.. I forgot to tell you something.

If you have an r4 for your Nintendo DS then you can install Mac on that too! Just drag the “vmac” folder into your r4 and launch it. It serves as sort of a DS “OS” and lets you perform computer functions. Pretty cool, right?

Mini  vMac is free and can be downloaded on hundreds of different sites. Just search “Mini vMac” on google.

Have fun!