My Thoughts On The DSi

Posted on January 6, 2009


Remember that video I made a few months ago on the DSi? Yeah, that one. Well it’s been receiving a lot of comments arguing about whether the DSi will kill the PSP 3000 and vice versa. Up until now I just haven’t wanted to get involved in this argument, thinking that its pointless to argue about a game system because, in my opinion, depending on what kind of person you are you will have your own preferences. I still think that today and I always will but today I am going to give my opinions of these two systems.

So, what’s so good about the DSi? Well, I like the fact that it has connectivity to the internet like the Wii and I like the ability to download games on the fly using Nintendo points. I always thought that was a cool feature of the Wii. I also like the dual cameras on the system. I think this could be used for online gaming applications and also possibly a new chat feature.

What do I not like about the DSi? The bigger screen has seemed sorta pointless to me because unless you looked closely and compared, you couldn’t really tell the difference. I like the idea of expanding the screen size but couldn’t you have done something more revolutionary with it? Like, look at the PSP 3000; it has a big enhanced screen that everyone loves! Also, aside from a few new features, I still think Nintendo could have done a lot more with the DSi. I mean, they had THREE years to design something so make us ooh and aah but instead they take the DS Lite (Not much improvement there either) and add a few new features. The DS Original was very innovative but I don’t think that Nintendo has gone very much further from there. Like, look at the Game Boys. They got updated less often but each new update was solid and innovative and I think that Nintendo should bring that back if it wants to stay alive.

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