13 Year Old refuses Life-Saving Operation

Posted on December 22, 2008


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A teenage girl who has refused a life-saving heart transplant insisted yesterday: ‘I know what’s best for me.’

Hannah Jones, 13, spoke exclusively to the Daily Mail after a hospital dropped its court bid to force her to have the surgery.

Hannah has a hole in her heart, a side-effect of treatment for leukaemia.

But with the loving support of her parents, Andrew and Kirsty, she has made the momentous decision that she wants to spend the rest of her time at her home in Marden, near Hereford.

She is so weak she can manage only a few breathless sentences, but she said: ‘I’m not a normal 13-year-old. I’m a very deep thinker. I’ve had to be, with my illness. It’s hard to know I’m going to die, but I also know what’s best for me.

‘Being in hospital reminds me of bad times. I’ve spent long enough there. I just want to be home – even if my life might be shorter.’

With its High School Musical poster on the wall, pink laptop on the desk and dolls’ house in the corner, Hannah Jones’s is a typical little girl’s bedroom.

But, as she snuggles up on her four-poster bed to leaf through a brochure for Walt Disney World in Florida, it rapidly becomes clear that there is nothing typical about Hannah.

The 13-year-old has just succeeded in a High Court case to win the right to refuse a heart transplant which could save her life.

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