Nintendo DSi: PSP Killer?

Posted on October 27, 2008


Nintendo DSi: PSP Killer?

Its high time that Nintendo heard our cries and made a new handheld. As you might know, It’s their custom to make a new handheld system or revision every 2 years. Now, even though the DS Lite and the DSI have a 3 year span between them. I think we can forgive Nintendo. I mean, look at all these nice features!

First of all, the DSi sets some records as the first handheld game system to come packaged with a camera. But it doesn’t seem satisfied with that, so Nintendo threw in another camera! Thats right, two cameras. These cameras are 0.3 megapixels with 640×480 resolution respectively. The DSi takes us one step further into pictureland by including an on-board photo editor.

Also, both screens are slightly larger (3.25in as opposed to 3.00in) and as a result the DSi is slightly longer than its predecessor. However, the DSi makes up for that in being 12% thinner than the DS Lite.

Instead of the DSi sporting a nice, shiny power slider that we all know and love, they brought back the power button. However, this time instead of putting it right above the control pad, thus having players constantly constraining themselves, they put it on the bottom left-hand corner of the touch screen. This, i think, is a very good move by Nintendo.

Unfortunately (And we all saw this one coming), there is no backwards compatibility with the DSi and GBA games. So those game boy fanatics out there might want to think about holding on to their lite. Games such as Guitar Hero: On Tour, which require the front loading slot will also not work.

Like father, like son is the motto of the DSi as it takes after the company’s Wii system. As you might know, the Wii has channels. What these channels allow you to do is that they let you do other things outside of your game. For example, buying virtual console games or applications with your Wii Points. Well, there are some differences between the DSiWare shop and the Wii Shop. First of all, Wii Points are now officially known as Nintendo Points and second, what you buy there is not virtual console games, but useful applications, much like the iphone or ipod touch.

Region locking and parental controls are also part of the DSi. Region locking is mainly the system automatically figuring out your location and thus enabling content only available in your region. Parental Controls, if enabled, prevents the system from loading mature games so long as the user is under the age limit.

So, is the DSi finally living up to its standards? Will it finally become a psp killer? Just purchase the DSi when it comes out next summer for $180 and find out for yourself.

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