Posted on October 25, 2008


When I first set out on my computing adventure, I didn’t care much for backgrounds. I just used the default system backgrounds. This only started to change last year, when I started on youtube. Then, up until now, I just went to google images and did a few searches to find wallpapers for my 1680×1050 screen. But then, just yesterday I found some great wallpapers for my screen. The problem was that even though they perfectly matched my screen resolution they still came out all stretched and blurry. I tried changing my settings but they just kept reverting to the messed up ones. So I did something I hadn’t wanted to do for years… Get a program to do it for me. Now, why wouldn’t I want to do this? Its simple. I just do not like having something automatically change my backgrounds for me. I Prefer to pick and upload my backgrounds myself. Desktoptopia, however, is great! It figures out my screen settings and automatically picks out backgrounds for me at a set time period (I have mine set to every 12 hours) . It is a really neat program!

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