Windows Xp Registry Tweaks

Posted on October 12, 2008


Windows XP Registry Tweaks

The windows registry is a great thing to a geek. It can help you do almost anything with your computer in terms of tweaking. But most people just don’t have the know-how needed to successfully do this kind of stuff while keeping your system working properly. So, I will be showing you two safe registry tweaks. They do not increase performance or anything like that. This is just for fun.

The first tweak is changing the text in your internet explorer title bar. To do this, go to your registry editor by clicking Start>Run then in the run prompt type in “regedit”. Once in the registry editor navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Internet Explorer>Main

Once your in the folder called “Main” (Use the video for reference on how to get there) you want to right click anywhere in the box that appears to the right and create a new string value. Name it “Window Title”. Double-Click the new string value, a dialog box should pop up. In the dialog box, in the dialog box, type in whatever you want to be displayed in the title bar. Make sure that you are typing this in “Value Data”.

Now all thats left is to restart your computer and fire up Internet Explorer! In Internet Explorer 6 or later, ,the text that you entered will be preceded by “Provided By” but in later versions (7 and up) it will not say “Provided By”. Keep that in mind.

Next up is changing the title bar text in Windows Media Player. Now, this one is a bit more difficult to do than the last one so you might want to skip to 2:51 in the video for reference while reading this.

Ok, so open up your registry editor again but this time navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Policies>Microsoft

Click on “Microsoft” and in the box on the right right click on any blank space and create a new key. Name this key “WindowsMediaPlayer”. Now, click on your new key and right click on any empty space in the right box. Create a new String Value and name it “TitleBar”. Double-Click on this and in “Value Data” type in what you want to appear in the title bar.

Restart your computer and enjoy!

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