Pspwxp Application Review

Posted on September 17, 2008


Pspwxp Application Review

A few weeks ago, when I was preparing to launch Season 3. Jacob (Thewoog), a long time viewer of the show, contacted me and told me about a cool app that runs on the psp. This app is really cool! It can run Windows Vista on your psp. Well, not really. It is actually a buinch of offline web pages that are compiled in such a way that they react like a operating system. Pretty neat, right?

So I played around with this app (Which is called Pspwxp if you havent caught on yet) for quite some time and now I am ready to do a review on it.

Basically this psp “OS” can do alot of things that a normal desktop computer can do. It can browse the internet, play games, you can jot down notes, listen to music, watch videos and other things. It even has a built in converter and calculator!

So, yeah. This is a pretty good product and if you have a psp you should install it.

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