Installing Linux In Windows With Wubi

Posted on July 26, 2008


Many people nowadays are making the big switch from windows to linux. I am one of those who lives in both worlds:Windows,Mac and Ubuntu Linux. However, some people are stuck in installing ubuntu because they are confronted with all sorts of complex installation windows dealing with partitioning and stuff when they are installing via live cd. I am one of those people who have those troubles. Thankfully there is a solution, called Wubi. Wubi is a windows application that can help you install linux with ease and also makes it easy to uninstall linux if you don’t like it. Convienient? Yes!

However, if you are a first-time linux user then let me warn you that you are using a completley different operating system and should not assume that linux will operate and feel like a windows desktop environment. Linux is not built or supported by mircosoft and will not react the same way that windows does in terms of Hardware/Software Compatability, Networking and Wireless,Graphics and Sound cards.

You can learn more about linux here:

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