iPhone 3G Is A Hit!

Posted on July 14, 2008


On July 11,2008 the new iPhone 3G was released to over 20 countries for the astonishing price of $199.00. Well, Apple President Steve Jobs has just announced that, this previous weekend, the 3G sold over 1million copies! This is a major record as the original iPhone took 74 days to hit the 1million mark. Now, why is this? Is it because the world wasn’t ready to take on the new technology? Was it because the price was too high? Well, we don’t know yet but I am guessing that it is because the 3G has: 1.More Features and 2.Lower price. Also, the first iPhone’s delayed release to Canada and other countries brought the hit count down.

Anyway, this is a remarkable achievement on Apple’s part and is very comparable to the 1million copies sold of Windows 95 the day after it’s release.


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