Ebay Deal Hurts Small Sellers

Posted on July 14, 2008


Do you like ebay? Do you love ebay? Have you sold anything on ebay? Millions of people would say “All of the above’. Many people adore ebay…Until now.

Have you ever turned away from ebay and bought something for a fixed price on sites like amazon.com to avoid the hassle of bidding. I have done that myself and, it is causing ebay to struggle to compete against those larger fixed-price companies, and now buy.com is planning on changing that. Yes, buy.com has made a deal with ebay to put millions of new fixed-price items on ebay to help with it’s income issues. This doesn’t bother the bigger sellers on ebay but does hurt the smaller sellers severley, drawing away from thier products in order to purchase the fixed-price items.

EBay is telling us, by doing this, that it’s business is with the bigger sellers and not with the smaller ones that are selling old baseball cards from thier attic.

So, yeah, this is what ebay is doing to it’s community that is brining it revenue. It’s like if youtube only started caring about the partners and only allowed them to post videos.


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