Is Blogging Right For You?

Posted on July 13, 2008


In this article we talk about blogging and how blog’s have become and internet media in which anyone can become popular by expressing themselves.        

Hands Typing


I have my own blog as many of you already know. I find that it is a great medium for pushing my thoughts and feelings out into the open world instead of keeping them inside. I also believe that I am speaking for the thousands of people who blog as I do. Why do I blog? I blog to share technology info and news to the general public. Basically, I send out whatever is interesting enough to capture my attention. So, what captured my attention today that inspired me to write this blog post? Well, it is just this, the sheer amount of blogs out there are astounding! I must have read at least three seperate blogs and, these blogs are coming from average people like us! Not celebritys or TV hosts. Just normal people who have found internet fame throught what they do with blogging as I have. Just google my username, chadt4, and you will come up with thousands of results. Why? Not because I am famous or anything, I am just an ordinary person, yet one day I took that step and joined youtube. Then I started a website, and then I started writing this blog and now I have over 300 people that have subscribed to me and I get almost 2,000 video views every single day. So, who could be the next internet superstar? It could be you! Just think about what I said and have a great day.


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