Windows XP or Windows 2000?

Posted on July 8, 2008


You have probably used windows xp one time or another. But have you used windows 2k(2000)? Yes, you are probably thinking:”Of course xp is bettr!” But, is it really better? You might not know that windows xp and windows 2000 have the same core! They can run many of the same programs too. So, if you have windows 2000, dont worry! There are many patches and programs that can keep your 2000 system working as well as xp (if not better) however, those patches might not last forever. Eventually windows 2k will become obsolete and you will have to upgrade to the latest OS (which might not be as stable as the older ones). So, you might want to go to the stores before it is too late and buy a copy of windows xp (professional for best business results,home for casual users) and upgrade it to service pack 3. Why do you have to do this so soon? Because microsoft is planning to remove all copys of windows xp from stores worldwide to help sell more copys of….gulp….vista.

Below is a screenshot of windows 2000 running Mozilla Sunbird (Newest Version):

Windows 2000 Running Sunbird

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