Viacom vs YOUtube

Posted on July 7, 2008



The video above has gotten over 90,000 views in two days, and those 90,000 people are mad. Why are they mad? They are mad because Viacom is invading thier privacy, as well as every other youtube user. If you have a youtube acount the you are at risk as well! So, what is viacom doing? They are going into OUR youtube accounts and viewing OUR browsing hstory so THEY can suspend us. Why? Because we view copyrighted content……



WHAT THE HELL?! I mean, do WE know that the video is copyighted before we click on it? NO! Should we be suspended? NO! I think that viacom should go to google and say: “Hey, can you please remove all content that we own from YouTube” not “Hey hand over the youtube source code so I can invad peoples privacy” the court had dened that request but still.


Watch th video and BOYCOTT VIACOM!

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