Mac vs PC

Posted on July 6, 2008


Well, there has been a lot of talk about which is better, Mac or PC. Now, today I am going to put a stop to this endless babble by talking about a single operating system, one at a time, and then I will sum everything up… Ok?

Windows- Well, what can I say about good ‘old windows? This operating system has been the backbone of my job for many years and it still hasn’t quit on me. However, the windows business has been slowly declining over the past year or two and I think that it is slowly losing its touch. So, before I start rambling on about present day problems, let’s go back to…the late eighty’s, when the first windows had made its debut. This as a very solid operating system, by far a major upgrade from DOS. This upgrade had also caused many users to switch from the very expensive Macintosh OS. Then, finally, in 1995 came Windows 95. This was an insane advance, which made millions of people switch. Windows 95 was the first windows operating system to feature a decent graphical interface and solved many user frustrations that they had with previous versions of windows. Then came windows 98…Ahhh that was a really good operating system. I had used it on my computer for about five years and it had never failed me. Then, in 2001, windows xp came out. I was really excited to purchase the upgrade…for 200 dollars. But it was definitely worth the money because it offered a very clean user interface and was very easy to use. It also had advanced administrative features. Yes, windows xp was, and is, a great operating system. So, what about Microsoft’s new os? Well, I have to say that vista is a very crappy excuse for a windows os. I mean, it is just a complete waste! All they thought about when they were making the system was graphics and UI. I mean, it is good to have a nice UI and all but…don’t you think there is a line between decency and insanity when it comes to graphics? Microsoft just crossed it.


Mac OS- Ahhh. Using a Mac is like taking a refreshing swim in a cool Irish spring after a day in a coalmine. I am using a MacBook right now to write this and I am enjoying every bit of it! Unlike the pc, the Mac has always evened out the balance between work and play. Offering productive business programs and many entertainment features, the Mac is a well-rounded operating system and I am proud to use it. A few hours ago I watched a movie on the mac, and now I am writing this. When I am done I will grab some footage from my camcorder and edit it with iMovie. Well, that I enough with the mac. Why? Because first of all if I started going on about the mac I wouldn’t be able to stop and second of all I am writing this on a very bumpy road. So, bye!

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