Windows Vista Lets Me Down Again…Sigh…

Posted on June 12, 2008


So, you read the title and you are probably wondering what vista did to me this time. Well, I was off of my computer for a while and I left the live stream turned on as I always do. When I came back about two hours later I was not at all surprised that vista automatically changed my theme to windows vista basic to improve performance. Yes, I do agree that Microsoft went right on this feature. But I wish that they had included a simple off switch! I tried and tried but I  could not find a way to turn this thing off. I am sure that there is a way to do so but it most likely involves tampering deep down in the systems  works and I don`t really feel like doing that :).  

So what did I do? I simply changed my color scheme back to aero, then I modified it so that instead of being at the default level of transparency, I put it up a bit further. So far this is working. But I feel that it is only a temporary patch. I hope it holds until I get my mac…

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