The New Mac: Snow Leopard?

Posted on June 12, 2008


Over three thousand people have seen Chris Pirillo’s input on the new mac osx 10.6 “Snow Leopard” and I figured that it was my time to give my feelings on the matter.

So what do I think about Snow Leopard? I think that this is going to be a great operating system. As you might know, 10.6 is going to be keeping the features of the current OS 10.5 Leopard while adding a few of it’s own. While these features may not be extreme as were its predecessors, they certainly will pack a tremendous punch.

So, what are these innovative features? Well, to start the ball rolling we have the ability to support 64 bit and a whopping 16TB (Terabytes) of memory! So what does this mean for users? Well, it means more speed and productivity for those cpu hogging users like me. And it means more speed for those intense gamers out there.

Another impressive feature is the OpenCL feature. OpenCL means Open Computing Language. Basically what this particular feature does is it takes the gigaflops of processing power inside the GPU’s in your graphics card and converts it into general computing power. This will give you the extra boost you might need.

So I won’t give too much away. Just go to for more info.

Basically Snow Leopard is all about power to the user and with it’s coming release in mid-2009 apple users are going to be happy.

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